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We transform words into expertly crafted documents for your business or project!

From boring  to BRILLIANT! We transform mundane business documentation into engaging records that captivate your team members.  With our creative approach to documenting, we bring your strategies, processes, and workflows to life, ensuring that information is not only understood but embraced.  By infusing creativity into normal and uninspiring work documents (i.e., processes, procedures, workflows, and more), we elevate your brand and enhance communication within your company!

Why choose Sideline Documentation and Design?

Piles of Paper

You've worked hard for your business.  We recognize the effort you've poured into making it a success.  However, we understand that designing your "look" or creating critical and engaging business process documentation may not be your strongest suit.  Nonetheless, these items are crucially important in highlighting the hard work you've invested, and ensuring your business doesn't go unnoticed.  That's where Sideline Documentation and Design comes in.  

As experts in a variety of documentation development and design we can help capture your business information, organize, design, and document it in a visually appealing and professional manner.  Our goal is to ensure your finished product or process, and your business, is just as impressive as the effort you have put into making it a reality.  Leave your digital documentation needs to us!

When it's documented, it's done.

I can use AI Tools or online Graphic Design Tools and do this myself!

Perhaps that is true, however what you won't have to achieve the best end result is EXPERIENCE! Our expertise enables us to create high-quality documentation, procedures, workflows, training manuals, and other offerings with ease.  We excel at analyzing content and presenting it in an aesthetically pleasing and easily comprehensible manner. 

  • We meet with you individually. 

  • We listen to your needs and to discuss your request. 

  • We work with you throughout the process

Let us take your content and turn it into a work of art that represents your business as impressively as you do!

We are designed to help your business succeed!

Our Process

Cute Girl

Step 1

Review "Our Services" and choose the document Sideline Documentation and Design can create for you

Writing an application

Step 4

A proposal will be developed immediately following the discussion.  It will outline the details of work requested, the date it is due, and an estimated cost

Phone App

Step 2

Get in touch:

Contact Us

Email Us

Man Signing

Step 5

When you are satisfied with an accurate proposal, Sideline will get busy!  Status updates will be provided along the way to assure you are happy with our progress

Reviewing document

Step 3

A Sideline representative will be in contact with you to discuss details

Sports Facility

Step 6

The project will be completed and sent to you for approval.  Once approved, you will be satisfied with a job well done! 

Transforming WORDS into expertly crafted DOCUMENTS

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