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Sideline Documentation and Design LLC (a.k.a., "Sideline") Privacy Practices

Apr 17, 2024

Privacy Practices

  1. Collection of Information: Sideline Documentation and Design LLC (a.k.a., Sideline) only collects information that is necessary for the project. Items like client name, email address, and project details are requirements for the success of the project and will not be shared with non-Sideline employees.

  2. Storage of Information: All information collected is stored securely on password and biometric accessed devices. Access is limited only to Sideline employees.

  3. Use of Information: Client information will be used for the sole purposes of the project you have hired Sideline for. If Sideline wishes to utilize client project information as an example in their portfolio to share publicly, documented request and agreement will be noted between the client and Sideline of what may or may not be utilized and what must be redacted or made generic. Items such as client name, email, mailing address, and other key communication needs will be utilized for project communication and invoicing purposes only.

  4. Retention of Information: Sideline will retain client information as long as required for project, legal, and accounting and taxation purposes as governed by the state of Pennsylvania.

  5. Client Rights: The client has the right to access, correct, and delete their information at any time. The client may also request limited use of communication regarding the project at any time. Should such a limitation occur, Sideline will alert the client of what risks requested limitations may have upon the project's deadline and completion.

Hiring Sideline Documentation and Design LLC indicates that client agrees to these privacy statements and will contact Sideline Documentation and Design LLC immediately if a question or concern arises regarding these practices.

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