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Sideline Documentation and Design LLC (a.k.a, "Sideline") Payment

Apr 17, 2024


  1. Hourly Charges for Work: The base charge for work performed for the client by Sideline Documentation and Design LLC (a.k.a., Sideline) is $75.00 per hour. This can include the Discovery Discussion per Sideline's discretion and is project-size dependent.

  2. Project Request for Work (RfW) Charges: The charges stated on Sideline's website per Service are firm. Any potential negotiation initiated by Sideline or the client will be documented and agreed-upon once the documentation is signed by both parties.

  3. Payment: The client will pay Sideline the agreed-upon fee for the project (Request for Work (RfW)) as outlined. Payment terms will be agreed upon in advance and the client will pay Sideline on time and in full.

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